Off the Sofa

More than 12 years ago, I got off of the sofa and walked across the street to an elementary school for a Kung Fu class. While I do continue to spend some “quality” sofa time, I spend some good quality time training. One of my favorite mottos is “Every moment I am off of the sofa, I win.” I will not become the next martial arts star like Bruce Lee, but every day I train, I am improving my health and satisfying my desire to challenge myself. When I started, I could barely kick my leg over my waist. Today, I can do a number of simple physical things that I am proud of: kick over my waist, touch my toes, and move fluidly. Trying to remember the techniques and to coordinate my breathing and movement has kept my mind active and engaged. In addition to learning, I also now have the opportunity and pleasure to teach others what I have learned from my skilled and patient Kung Fu teachers—Sifu Tim Dahle and Sifu C.C. Liu. My teachers engaged me, challenged me, and kept me coming back, pushing me to improve. I hope I have a number of more productive years learning and teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi. I hope you are having a great time “Off the Sofa” in whatever you do.